We are you, but also your neighbours, friends, colleagues. Perhaps we even are a little bit our prime minister or your favourite crooner. Bpact is indeed for everyone. The heart of Bpact, is not a corporate structure or a bank account. The heart of Bpact is all of you. To be there for everyone, we make things as easy, nice and interesting as possible. In order to achieve this, you can always give feedback, not only via the website but also integrated in each survey.

Easy, interesting & honest

Bpact focuses on a simple online interface, fun and exciting surveys and an honest way of working. By putting everything in a nice and bright layout we do not distract from what really matters, the impact we can achieve together. Real impact, because we do more than ask what you think of advertising. We focus on interesting projects with social relevance. We do not go in for complicated situations and small print. We are open and honest in everything. A transparent and accessible overview of the points you collect.

Feedback anywhere, anytime

Nobody is perfect, not even us, and we are very much aware of that. We give you the chance to realise impact through our online surveys, by supporting a charity and via our own socially relevant projects. Why should you then not have an impact on us? Who knows, our website is quite unreadable for people with tritanopia (a condition where you cannot see the colour blue, 0.0025% of the population has this condition): maybe some questions are always unclear, or do you feel excluded as a transgender because you cannot indicate the correct gender in some surveys. Let us know. Either after each survey or on our website, we are always open to feedback. We will all be better off for it.


Everyone participates

Bpact is a collection of thousands of people, all keen to realise impact by participating in research, experience a nice time or get hold of some discount vouchers. Are your grandmother and grandson also members? We cannot tell you for obvious privacy’-sensitive reasons, but in any case we are also there for them. Bpact is there for everyone.


Wherever and whenever you want

Bpact is a Belgian online panel. No annoying phone calls, no lengthy paper lists, everything is online. That is not only good for the environment and your mood, above all, it means that you can participate or spend your points whenever and wherever you want. From behind your computer as an intermezzo during your daily activities, on your smartphone during yet another boring lecture, on the train, before bedtime, in the doctor’s waiting room…. Achieving impact through Bpact can be done wherever and whenever you want.

Be part of making a difference.

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