Positive impact

Bpact, impacts. We want to positively change the world together with you. How do we do that? With your answers you influence the policies of our clients. With the points you get for it, you can, for example support a charity while we double your support. But because we at Bpact can support better by doing what we do best, we also support three charities with their research each year.

You are impact

As a member of Bpact you realise impact by providing, together with us, contributions to the public debate. How? Simple, your answers have impact. What should environmental and mobility plans look like? Should lung medication for smokers be reimbursed or not? Do you want to receive your invoices for your taxes, insurance, fines, …. online, just like your phone bill, and be able to pay them online too? By participating in our surveys you are helping to change the world we live in.

In addition, in exchange for your participation you receive points, points you can really do something with. And we mean not only for yourself. Shared joy is double joy, right? For example, you can donate your points to a charity. If you do, we will donate too. Every point you donate, Bpact doubles. The charities that you can donate your points to, are nominated by all Bpact members. This means you can donate to a charity that is most relevant to you.
Find out more about what you can use your points for here.

We are impact

But since we, at Bpact, prefer to do what we are good at, we also support three charities with their research each year. We help a charity or socially relevant project much more by helping them with, for example, researching their social support or to determine which channels they should use to reach as many interested parties as possible. Research can make a world of difference to them.

Three times every year we launch a call for projects. Our jury, consisting of members, academics and researchers, selects from the proposals a project that perhaps has been submitted by you.

Do you know of a charity or community project that could use our help? Are you as a charity in need of research with a social interest? Answer our call, and who knows, we might realise impact together.

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