What do I receive in exchange for taking part in surveys?

You will receive Bpact points in exchange for your participation in surveys. How many? This will differ from survey to survey. Depending on a number of factors such as length, the type of questions, … it can be more or fewer points. The invitation you receive to take part will state the amount of points you will receive when you participate in that survey.


Where can I see my points?

The emails you receive from us will also state how many points you have at that moment, keeping you up to date.


What can I do with my points?

There are three ways you can use your points:

Exchange points
Of course you decide what to do with your points. And to be sure you do so, we are offering you the chance to exchange your points for money. No vouchers, no hassle. Have you saved up 2,000 points? Exchange them for €20.


Give your points to charity
You can also give your points to a good cause. We collaborate with different charities who each are working in their own way on a better tomorrow. Would you like to support them? We will too. For every point you give to charity, we also give one.
Once a year every Bpact member gets to vote on which charities we will be supporting this year.


Ask a question yourself
Do you have a question and do you wonder how Belgians think about it? What is the Belgians’ favourite sandwich spread? How often do they watch Thuis or Familie? What is our opinion on sustainable energy?

Exchange your points and receive an answer to your question, whether it is for fun, your thesis or your business. You ask the question and we make sure you receive an answer.

Be part of making a difference.

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