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Bpact will be the most qualitative panel of Belgium. How? By examining what we do, and really do what we learn from it. By building quality parameters in all our processes and communicating as transparently as possible about that with our clients. Our panellists will not be bored with non’-stop invitations for the same media tracker. By placing quality at the top of our list of priorities and by doing what we say.


 Methodological Research

Quality is a term often used but rarely explained properly. Anyone can claim to deliver quality, no one checks it. The criteria for good quality panel research are often relative. At Bpact we see that differently. Just because sometimes quality is a vague concept, we actively look for ways to deliver the best quality in a panel research. With leading academics from the Flemish universities we are conducting fundamental research on what quality is and how we implement it best in our processes. Because without definition everything is quality.


Quality guarantees

We put the results of this methodological research into practice. We will provide you with a quality score for each respondent, with respect for privacy, of course. To what extent this respondent dares to straight’-line or speed through it, how likely is it that he participates in a survey, does he need reminders to participate … All relevant information, information which we supply you with.
Of course, sticking a score on a respondent is not all we do, we also maintain our database: those who do not meet our quality requirements are removed.
In addition, we motivate our panel to help you to make answering easy. We ask feedback from our panel for each project. So you’ll not only know at which point respondents give up, but also why they do so, and that means everyone learns from it.


Doesn’t everybody do that?

We don’t think so, even more, we are confident we have a unique approach where everyone will benefit. Not only do we say so, we show it too. With us you get full insights into everything we do, and how we do it. Quality goes hand in hand with transparency. Both are neither a characteristic nor a product, they are an attitude, our attitude.


When do we start?

Our focus is simple: we create impact. Both for our members and our business partners. Today we build, tomorrow we start. This is why you can only register with Bpact at the moment. We will only say that we are ready, if we can guarantee our promised quality. Only then can we achieve real impact together.

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