New Belgian online panel challenges the market

Experts Jo Steyaert and Colin Sanders joined forces to form a new panel – Bpact. With a strong focus on impact, transparency, accessibility and quality Bpact distinguishes itself from the existing Belgian panels.


“For a while now, we have been feeling that the Belgian market for online panels is stagnating. Both the tools and the approach evolve little, while there are plenty of substantive expertise and technical capabilities to conduct state-of-the-art panel surveys. Too many opportunities remain unexploited. We thought it was time to take the next step with Bpact” says founder Jo Steyaert. “Research is always about impact, but as a panel we also want to realise an impact. We take on our own responsibility in society. That’s why, on the one hand, we contribute to fundamental methodological research, and each year we support various social projects in achieving their goals, on the other.”


Both Jo Steyaert as well as Colin Sanders have already made their mark in the sector. The desire to start up a new panel themselves however, comes primarily from a feeling of frustration. Colin Sanders: “I feel that the panel market in the year 2016 is like a secret black box: your client puts money in it and respondents magically appear. How credible is this? We believe in smart and responsible entrepreneurship. We involve our customers and partners in the whole process. Thus we see together what is good and where there is room for improvement. “Do you lose customers using this approach?” Honesty is the best policy. This is how you build a long term relationship with your customers.”

Low-treshold dialogue

Bpact opts for an approach that differs dramatically from existing panels, not only technically, but also in its recruitment and operation. “Some panels manage to make the operation look unnecessarily complex for both the customer as well as for the respondents. We do not believe in doing that, the premise of our communication is wonderfully clear. Moreover, we do not just believe in a one-way-‘questioning’. Surely, as a consumer, you yourself expect a two-way dialogue? So, separate from all the scientific models, we ask our members what they actually think themselves about the questionnaires they complete. Because no matter how scientifically correct the questionnaire is, nobody wants to complete a survey that they don’t like and the results will never be correct,” Jo Steyaert concludes.

Compiling panels, research imminent

Actually, Bpact has now started compiling its panel. With a clear Belgian focus so that the panel can be enabled for all relevant research. Individual companies, governments as well as research and communications agencies can rely on the Bpact panel. The very first surveys will be completed in 2016.

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