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 Transparent, always and towards everyone.

We are transparent, not just when it suits us but always. And towards everyone. You will gain insight into the xyz of our panel, you can see at any time where your survey is at, which profiles we invited and who is participating. We, at Bpact, do not believe in the ‘black box’ method that currently prevails. No secrets, no fuss. Bpact gives you insight into our collaboration. You follow your projects in real time via our advanced backend. We will give you insight into the situation, response rates, number of reminders, quality parameters … at all times


Relevant relationship

We do not just do this for our clients. Transparent, all the time and for everyone, we say, that means that you as recruitment partner, academic partner or member can gain insight into what is relevant to you. How many people have already joined via your website, to what extent do we practice our methodological research, how do we support the social projects that we support, … According to us, transparency is the necessary first step in a long’-term relationship with our partners, from whichever angle.

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