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Bpact can rely on the extensive experience gathered by Jo and Colin regarding the online panels and research.

Jo is an experienced research methodologist, with more than 15 years of academic and practical experience regarding scientifically substantiated research and consultancy with regard to online research, administrative simplification, client satisfaction, eGovernment, new media, Web 2.0 and communication.

Jo has an abundance of experience with respect to research and online panels and is considered as being a pioneer in this area. Jo is founder of Indigov (2003) and co-founder of iVOX (2004), iVOX Ukraine (2009) and Proximity Panels (2009), iVOXTOOLS (2010), Ellipsa Panel Online (France 2011), Conecta-I Brazil (2011). In 2014 he sold iVOX, transformed Indigov into Indiville, the collective for research and advice on man, society and politics which he runs together with 5 other partners. Now he takes the next step in his already richly filled career with Bpact.

Colin is pretty much on par in terms of experience. Colin studied Agricultural engineer at Ghent University (option Agricultural economy), statistics at the V.U.B. (English) and management at the Solvay Business School (French). As a researcher he has been active for more than 20 years in various capacities. He started his career at INRA (now IPSOS), Belgacom and CitiBank and in 2001 founded Client Mining (now 365 Analytics). Since 2006 he has been working together with Indigov (now Indiville) on various projects in the field of (online) data gathering and reporting. He has been a partner at Indiville since 2014 and he is responsible for the new research technologies, online dashboards and he acts as data analyst/statistician.


Everything can be done better

Jo and Colin innovate because they want to do better, because they want to guarantee quality, because things can and must be better. Innovating is not a passing fad, a one-day wonder. It is ingrained in a continuous striving for maximum impact and quality in all they do.

Since 1996, in many ways, Jo has been a pioneer in his field. He was one of the first scientists who, on a global scale, looked into eGovernment research and consultancy assignments (1996), conducted academic research for new media (1997), realised research on the usability of eApplications (1997), developed the first applications for interactive digital television (2004), initiated important innovations in the research market: online research (2005), T-research via IDTV (2007), online focus groups (2009), ideation (2010), online participation platforms (2012),…

Colin is a whiz kid when it comes to statistics (expert regarding R, conjoint-analyses, semantic analyses, advanced analyst…), online dash boarding (pioneer since 2000) or the integration and automation of online survey platforms and other powerful tools (a.o. with platforms he developed himself and the integration between platforms and various other packages such as Elastic Search). You dream it, Colin can do it.

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