Jo Steyaert (Indiville, Indigov, ex-CEO iVox & Proximity Panels) en Colin Sanders (Indiville, Client Mining, 365 Analytics) beslisten eind 2015 dat de Belgische onderzoeksmarkt klaar is voor een volgende stap.

At the end of 2015, Jo Steyaert (Indiville, Indigov, former CEO iVox & Proximity Panels) and Colin Sanders (Indiville, Client Mining, 365 Analytics) decided that the Belgian research  market was ready for the next step.

Bpact brings innovation to the Belgian panels. By partnering with academics, advanced technology, a disruptive approach towards customers and members, focussing on transparency, quality and a vision on impact. Bpact brings together 40 years of top level experience in online research and building panels at home and abroad. Experience driven innovation is our trade mark